A Prayer for Mother’s Day from The Christophers

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Today we thank you for our mothers:
The ones who gave us life,
the ones who chose us through adoption,
and the unofficial mothers who were a strong and compassionate presence in our lives when our biological mothers weren’t up to the task.

We remember the selfless love with which they cared for us when we were most vulnerable,
The tears they dried and fears they soothed when we were troubled,
The encouragement they offered when we had little faith in our own abilities,
The guidance they provided when we felt lost,
The lost sleep and worries they endured when we were sick or simply growing up,
The strength it took to hold us close, yet let us fly.

Not all our mothers lived up to the ideal of parenthood
Either due to bad choices or circumstances beyond their control.
Today we pray for them as well.
Touch them with your healing grace and wisdom.
And if we carry in our hearts any lingering bitterness or resentment about their shortcomings,
Touch us with your grace and wisdom too so that we can move forward
Toward a brighter future instead of remaining stuck in a dark past.

We pray that our mothers who are no longer with us
Are embraced by Your love in the next life.

We pray that future mothers, expectant mothers and new mothers
Experience the joys that come from putting a child’s needs ahead of their own,
Even when the sacrifices seem challenging.

We pray that our mothers who are still living
Experience Your enduring and ever-present love
Through the appreciation and gratitude that we, their children, show them
Not just this Mother’s Day, but throughout the year.

In union with Mary, our spiritual mother
to whom we can always turn for help and guidance,
We ask your generous blessings.


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